Tiers of Sponsorship

Friend of the Chapter ($50)

Sponsor name displayed on chapter t-shirts and subscription to end-of-semester newsletter.


Bronze Sponsor ($100)

Sponsor is featured on chapter t-shirts and social media and is invited to speak at an on-campus DSP professional or networking event.


Silver Sponsor ($250)

Silver sponsors will receive name or logo will be included on the chapter website and all social media. Silver Tier sponsors also gain access to the Alpha Sigma resume book of current students.


Gold Sponsor ($500)

Gold sponsors will receive the bronze and silver benefits as well as promotional material distributed at chapter & the company logo displayed during chapter.


Crimson Sponsor ($750)

Crimson sponsors will receive bronze, silver and gold patron benefits for the year, in addition to branding featured on: all recruitment material, college-wide emails, flyers, DSP bulletin board, and information tables during recruitment.


Champion Sponsor ($1000)

Champion sponsors will receive the bronze, silver, gold, and crimson benefits for the year, as well as be the Title Sponsor for one Alpha Sigma tailgate during the UA football season. A banner hung on the tent, along with paper products (cups or napkins), will display the sponsor logo.